I generally rant to every client who I’ve caught using these but I need to air it to the world. I feel if I do, it will change the world. That’s how strongly I feel about this particular topic.

2-in-1; so it says it washes and conditions all in 1 wash.

Great…but how? How can it wash your hair and condition it? Shampoo lathers up to wash the hair but conditioner doesn’t, which means the product is smoothing over the cuticle and adding moisture.

They say that the biggest danger with 2-in-1’s is product build up. This is because the product has a positive and negative charge which do not work together. The conditioner element of the 2-in-1’s is silicone. It coats the hair making it feel soft to make you believe your hair is conditioned.
This is the product build up. How is the shampoo supposed to get through that? You then need to strip the hair of these nasties by using a clarifying shampoo which cuts through that build up and you’re back to square one.

To clarify, do 2-in-1’s work? No.

You wouldn’t mop at the same time as hoovering or eat chocolate biscuits while brushing your teeth. They both negate the other, making both actions pointless. See where I’m coming from now?

Always buy a shampoo and conditioner which suits your hair type. It might take some experimenting but once you’ve found The One, you’ll never look back.