Blonde Hair

Are you blonde? If so, let’s talk about blonde hair…..

So whatever shade of blonde you are, you need to look after it. Blonde hair tarnishes so quickly and easily. I’ve heard it many times throughout my career where the clients hair was the perfect blonde and when they come back 8 weeks later, they’re saying its going “yellowy.”

Ok, the answer is purple/silver shampoo. It’s usually called one or the other and there some brilliant brands out there from expensive to cheap as chips. We really must use the blonde shampoo to keep the blonde from tarnishing. Blonde hair tarnishes quicker as there isn’t as much pigment in it, making it soak up dirt like a sponge. When I say dirt, I mean general everyday things. The dirt in the atmosphere will cling to blonde hair; for example the nicotine in cigarette smoke, smells from cooking, chlorine to name just a few.

It’s really tricky once it’s gone a brassy colour to knock it out instantly, whereas using your shampoo just once a week will act as a toner to keep these nasties from getting into your hair and staying there.

Conditioner: invest in a treatment every now and then. Blonde hair is a little more fragile, again because of the lack of pigment, so look after it just that little bit more. Alternatively, use a leave in conditioner weekly and a treatment once a month.

My biggest bit of advice….

If you want to be blonde but you’re currently dark, go little and often. It takes time to get perfection sometimes. Expecting it to happen straight away will impact on the condition of your hair.