Bobbles, Accessories & Snapping!

Who knew those 3 could be in the same sentence? Who uses their bobbles and tucks the ends into the bottom? Do you maybe use poor quality accessories but didn’t even know?



Any bobbles you have with a metal joinings, throw away right now. Why I hear you ask? Well, the metal bonds tend to snag the ends of your hair when you tuck the hair in or, if used as a ponytail for example, the tension on your hair from them isn’t great!

I massively recommend the Invisi-bobble; a plastic bobble in various colours, hair colours or clear. They are brilliant no tension on the hair, easy to use and no metal and snagging. Alternatively, Primark do amazing bobbles in a bundle for not much at all.


Bobby pin, hair pin or decorative clips, try and buy good quality. If it has no plastic covering on the end get rid. All it will do will snag and break your hair.

Don’t use too much tension with any of your accessories, your hair does not appreciate it. Trust me.

Also, try not to tuck the ends of your hair into your accessories. The ends are the oldest part of your hair strand so they need protecting that little bit more. If you tuck it in, the likelihood of it snapping is high!

Hope this helps guys….

Any questions let me know!