Brush Cleaning

How often do you clean your hairbrushes? Every couple of days? Once a week? Twice a year? Never?

This is a subject that is so important but it’s probably the thing you hardly ever do, if at all.

So why should you clean your brushes? It’s literally the same concept as changing your toothbrush. Would you keep the same one for 2 years without cleaning it or getting a new one?

Probably not. The standard advice when it comes to toothbrushes is to get new ones every 3 months. So why wouldn’t you apply the same general rule to your hairbrushes?

They’re no different. When you brush your hair, the brush naturally accumulates loose hair, product and dead skin cells. They can also collect mite, dust and natural oils. How much of that do you want on your freshly washed hair?

My guess is none at all!

So, how do we clean our hairbrushes?

Firstly, pull out all visible hair from the bristles. Then, use hot soapy water (preferably antibacterial soap) and submerge your brush into it. Use a toothbrush or even a bottle brush to remove any residue that remains, making sure to get into every nook and cranny you can. Air dry the brush overnight or pop it onto a radiator in the winter.

Now you have no excuses; I’ll be asking you all at your next appointment if you’ve cleaned your hairbrushes recently!