Do you know how to wash your hair?

The first thing you learn as a hairdresser is mind blowing; how to wash your hair. Seems simple right? WRONG! I can guarantee 70% of you do it wrong! Here’s the know how…

You need to understand the product you’re using and ensure that it’s right for your hair. Ideally, wash it with clean running water instead of in the bath and make sure it’s thoroughly wet. Making sure you have the right product, you should only need a small amount of shampoo, around the size of a £2 coin. Rub well into the hair and use the pads of your fingers to disperse the shampoo and rub the scalp. Rinse, well!

Here’s where the magic happens….

Now, repeat! I know what you’re thinking but please do it. Exactly the same process, then we condition which is another process all together. I generally say, use your common sense. If your hair is chemically damaged you may need more of a conditioning treatment, natural hair will barely need any.

With the conditioner again, you only need a small amount and you run it through but not from the roots as it’s very fresh hair. Just from the mid lengths down is ample.
Then rinse it, but not too much as you risk losing the conditioner you’ve popped in to condition your hair until the next wash.

So, it’s time to explain why. You must wash your hair twice and it’s because the first shampoo washes away natural grease, product build-up and unseen dirt. The second shampoo actually cleans your hair. So if you only wash once you’re only taking away the dirt but never actually cleaning your hair.

It’s mind blowing right? I’ve told people this before and the feedback was phenomenal, a total game changer.

Let me know what you think…