Hair Shredding

My hair’s falling out!

I hear this sooo much and it can be a tricky one, but it’s also easily fixed so please don’t stress! On average, you are supposed to lose 100 hairs a day. Seems like a lot right? It’s not if you counted how many hairs are in a small area; there’s more than you think.

Washing hair;

When you wash your hair, it will naturally shred. The water running through it helps to get rid of the loose ones, so when you shampoo, the odd one will become loose. But when you look in the plug, it looks like LOADS. I promise, if you count each hair individually they won’t be that much. It just looks so overwhelming.

Brushing hair;

Clean your brush often so that dead hair doesn’t build up. If you haven’t brushed your hair for a few days, it will look like you have shed a lot. You haven’t, it’s just a build-up of the few days shredding since you last brushed.

Shredding through the day;

Again, if you individually counted the hairs on your clothes or in your car, it won’t equate to a lot.


It’s very normal to not shred for months, then suddenly loose loads. Every woman freaks out and it’s understandable. However, it’s totally normal and your hair will recover. No wigs are necessary and your hair will grow back. Its 100% normal and all based on your hormones.

When is it time to panic????

Now, on the flip side if you are losing patches of hair (I mean circular balding is occurring), then we have a problem. It is most likely alopecia of some variety. If this is happening, please seek advice from your doctor.

Please don’t stress; shredding is normal! Just like animal, we can’t keep all the hair on our heads, we would look crazy!