Hairdresser on Lockdown

Hairdresser on Lockdown….

I mean this picture speaks a thousand words surely?

No make-up, hair up, an absolute mess behind me….

Well, let’s face it we always want a break and to catch up with all the things we “need to do.”

I am no exception and any client who knows me well enough will know I am always busy and running around with sooo much to do!

Mum of 2 with my own business means I juggle everything. I either juggle really well and keep things running smoothly but sometimes I trip and drop it all.

I have juggled well the past few years thank goodness with the odd stumble but I have managed to keep everything in mid-air. 

Then lockdown happened. 

The few days before it actually happened I would come home from work and sit silently trying not to cry.

Thank goodness I managed to pull myself together which was due to the fact I had to get the boys doing school work. 

It took a few weeks to work out how to continue to work without actually cutting hair. I am selling hair care bags, products and my time.

Now, I am loving lockdown I am working behind the scenes doing, videos, lives, blogs, paperwork, plans and smashing social media. All the things I have wanted to do and more, I have ripped apart my kitchen and bathroom!

However at some point i will be back to what you all need me for but, what happens after lockdown?

I know you all need me and want that haircut but you need to be aware that you are not the only one. 

I have the full order from the 23rd of March, the first clients who were cancelled and I will work down that list to get everyone an appointment. 

Please be mindful that I am one person and you are all very important to me but applying pressure is not the way to go. 

It won’t help me and it won’t help you.

I promise to get each and everyone of you sorted with practises and procedures in place.

How much have you missed your hairdresser?