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Cut & Finish

This covers the basics from a 6week trim to a full-blown restyle. Whether you have short, mid-length or long hair, I can create a hairstyle in fashion, classic or daily styles!

Restyle – £35.00
Cut & Dry – £30.00
Wet Cut – £18.00
Blowdry – £20.00
Fringe Trim – £3.00

Bridal Hairdressing

Whether on location or at home, you will receive a 100% tailored package to suit you and your bridal party, including guests. A full consultation, bridal trials and a well-planned wedding day appointment. See the weddings page for more information.

Procedure to book – £45.00 Deposit


Bridal Hair – £70.00
Bridesmaids – £45.00
Flowergirls (1-10) – £7.00 – £10.00
Mother of Bride / Groom – £40.00
Additional Guests – £35.00 – £40.00
Trials per person – £40.00


Prom – £35.00


This is a very wide subject and can start from the odd slice of colour to full head colours. All the latest fashion trends are possible, as well as a full free consultation booked before any colouring process.

Full Head Tint – £30.00
Root Touch Up & Left – £15.00
Short Hair 1/2 Head Highlights £30.00
Short Hair Full Head £40.00
Long Hair 1/2 Head Highlights £40.00
Long Hair Full Head £50.00
Balayage / Ombre £40.00
Slices of Colour £7.00 per slice
Toners £10.00


Pick an appointment time that suits you after work for quick tidy up or a new style.

Hair Cut – £10.00
Beard Trim & Shape – £5.00


I can give short hair instant and easy volume with a simple root or body perm. For a more permanent curled, waved look on longer hair, full perms are your perfect answer.

Root/Body – £35.00
Short Perm – £35.00
Spiral & Long Hair Perms – £45.00


I have worked alongside children my whole career and have 2 boys of my own. I’ve dealt with children with a massive fear of having a haircut through bad experiences and have turned it around to a happy experience.

Under 5 – £5.00
Boys aged 5-12 – £9.00
Girls aged 5-12 – £12.00

About Charlie

A mother of 2 boys, I started my own business when I realised that family life felt impossible with a full-time career and where my weekends consisted of 1 day.

Before the children, I worked in various salons all over and just outside of the city. I thoroughly enjoyed salon life but knew I could go further. I then went to work in a prison and worked along side a massive variety of people, testing every skill within myself. I loved my time there but working Monday to Friday from 8-6 with a child seemed so difficult and I didnt want to be a part time parent.

The lightbulb moment appeared when a few clients who had followed from each salon grew. They wanted me for my skill at home where they were comfortable. It was perfect,  I could do their hair and work it alongside my children.

Now, a few years down the line, I never miss a school play, a pick up/drop off, dress up day, bake sale and so on. Instead, I have an even bigger family than I ever expected. My hairdrssing family is amazing,  my clients know my children and my world. I know my clients, their children and their world.

I now pride myself massivly on my business. I strive to stay professional, friendly, loyal and the best I can be.

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vidal Sassoon

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