How to book your wedding hair

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to book me to do your wedding hair. Here’s a simple guide which should take some of the stress out of arranging your big day!

Hopefully you’ll have seen either the website or found me on social media and liked the work that I do. The next step is to see if I’m available on the day you’ve chosen to get married. I get bookings for wedding hair up to 2 years ahead of the requested date so it’s important to contact me as soon as you can to secure your appointment before anything else can happen.

Once I’ve confirmed that I’m free on your chosen day, we need to do your consultation. This is an informal chat which can take place anywhere, usually in a coffee shop, and it’s so we can get a feel for each other. It’s important that you feel comfortable around me and confident that I can provide the style you want when you’re saying your vows.
It’s also important for me to get all the details I need for the morning of the wedding and to get a feel for the kind of style you like so I know I can make your hair look absolutely perfect for you.
If meeting in person isn’t possible, this information can be provided in an email.

Then it’s time to try and book the trial date. Trials need to be done up to 3 months before the wedding, it’s not really necessary to do it any earlier. The trial is important as we can both see what the style looks like in “real life” and discuss any changes that you’d like to make.

After the trial, you’ll need to pay the deposit so you can secure me on the date of your wedding.
Once this has been paid, I’m all yours on the day and ready to make you and look and feel like the best version of yourself!

Get that wedding countdown started!