Mobile hairdresser, is it for me?

Ever sat at home just before your hair appointment wondering how long it will take, how much the cost of parking will be, will they wash off half your makeup while washing your hair & you still have the walk back to the car?

Well maybe it’s time to consider a mobile hairdresser!

I attended a wedding fair looking for a friendly, reasonably priced & imaginative bridal hair stylist. Little did I know, I would find my future stress free & flexible MOBILE hairdresser too.
Having a mobile hair dresser has been brilliant for me, not long after I met Charlie I found out I was pregnant. Being in my own home (occasionally in my pyjamas!) has made getting my hair done a stress free experience. I felt comfortable & confident, knowing that when Charlie left my house I could really relax but I felt all pampered after ‘new hair day’.
For some people, letting someone into their home isn’t for them & I totally get that! Homes are a private & personal space, but that one time your car breaks down just before your appointment & you can’t rebook for weeks (frustrating!) could be easily solved with a mobile hair dresser. Get to know them first, invite them for a consultation, agree what spaces they can use & you may just convert too. Are there any down sides? For me, I miss the tiny little details which when I really think about them, they are luxuries. I miss the waitress service salons provide with the little biscuit on the side of your tea or coffee, the salon smell & the piles of magazines. But I can put my kettle on & have biscuit, I could even read a magazine, I might have my tea on the go, be able to start a wash & I can keep a close eye on my baby without having to lug him out the house. I’m not ever saying I wouldn’t use a salon again, of course, they do a brilliant job.
But for me, a working mother, Charlie is the perfect fit into my life. And who knows, I could of written this blog from the comfort of my own home, in my pjs while getting my hair done!