My Biggest Bridal hair tip..

My biggest and best tip comes from the theory that your bridal hair should compliment your dress, not the other way around.


Well, when you go dress shopping, you’re following the ideas from the dreams you have had from the moment you got engaged or even since you were little. You know roughly what you want to wear, even though that will most likely change after you try a few styles on and see what suits you. You may also have had the chosen hairstyle in mind for just as long.

But wait! This is where we can tumble slightly and get lost in what we thought we wanted when all of a sudden, the day is here and your hair is covering the gorgeous detailing on the back of THE dress.

Is there a way we can stop this from happening? It’s easy really. When you go dress shopping, take a clip with you and maybe even loosely curl your hair prior. When you’ve found THE dress, leave your hair down and see what you think. If you’re not sure how that looks, try half up and half down. Next, take all of your hair up loosely and see what you think.

Usually, we look at a dress and think “there are options” which is an awesome mindset to have but sometimes you can see straight away if the hair needs to be up and out of the way or if it can be worn down.

I hope this tip helps. I think it’s the deal breaker when deciding on a dress!