My top tips for happy hair

All you have to do is Google “hairdresser top tips” and you’ll be hit with snippets of wisdom from hairdressers around the globe. However, the problem with that is that these tips are very generic and try to cater to everyone’s individual hair needs; and we all know by now that no two people have identical hair.

There is nothing like getting solid advice from your personal hairdresser, they’re the only person (aside from you) who knows exactly how to look after your hair. While I haven’t been able to write individual tips for every one of my clients (I’d be here for a lifetime if I attempted that!), I’ve put together my top tips which will work for everyone, no matter their hair type.

1. Make sure you’re shampooing properly

I know what you’re thinking.
“Charlie, are you trying to teach us how to suck eggs?”
Shampooing is something most of us do on a regular basis, how can we still be doing it wrong? Trust me, if you follow the advice I’ve written in a previous blog post about how to shampoo properly, your hair game will be changed. Forever.

2. Comb wet hair and brush dry hair

When hair is wet, it’s more prone to breakage and damage. This is why hairdressers recommend using a wide toothed comb to style your hair when it’s wet and only breaking out the hairbrush when it’s 100% dry.

3. Which direction should you dry in?

Always point the hairdryer down when drying your hair, never upwards. This is to avoid frizzy and rough hair which can be difficult to style and could be more susceptible to damage,

4. Make sure your tools are cleaned regularly

It’s not pleasant to think about the amount of dead hair and skin cells that are trapped within the bristles of a hairbrush. But now I bet you can’t stop thinking about it! This is why it’s important to clean your hairbrush at least every 2 weeks. You don’t want to be putting dead hair and skin back onto freshly washed and clean hair.

5. Buy a new hairbrush annually

In relation to Tip 4, buying a new hairbrush once a year will also minimise the amount of dead skin you’re putting back onto your head. Cleaning reduces the amount but it doesn’t get rid of it completely which is why investing in a new one regularly is a good idea.

6. Get rid of snag-prone accessories

You know the bobbles with the metal strips on them? They can snag hair and cause breakages. The same applies to the bobby pins which have bobbles on the end. Hair accessories shouldn’t be damaging to hair so try and seek out ones which are snag-free.

7. Regular cuts are for your benefit

I know some people might be a bit wary of a hairdresser telling you to book in for regular appointments but it’s actually going to benefit your hair. If you’re trying to grow your hair, a trim every 8-12 weeks will get rid of any dead ends while keeping the length.
If you’re happy with the length and style of your hair, you’ll need to book in every 6-8 weeks to maintain the style and keep it looking it’s best.

8. Ask for what you need

If it’s just your roots which need a touch up, ask for it. There’s no point in covering the whole head in the same colour if it’s not necessary.
Make sure you check with your stylist first though as they might have professional advice for you which will avoid any overlap.

9. Blondes have…to use purple shampoo!

Using purple shampoo at least once every 2 weeks stops the colour tarnishing from everyday pollution, keeping the hair a beautiful golden colour with no brassy tones.

10. NEVER use a 2-in-1

While it sounds like a revelation, 2-in-1 shampoos won’t do what the bottle promises. The product can only do one job at a time so you’ll never know whether you’ll get clean hair or conditioned hair! Stick to separate products if you want to keep your hair in a good condition.

11. Get those appointments booked in!

I’ve said it before many times but if you have a specific day or time that you want an appointment on, book it as far in advance as possible. Please don’t leave it until the week before as it’s likely I’ll have to disappoint you by not giving you the appointment slot you’d like.

I know that a lot of these tips seem simple but if you follow them all, I’ll be a happy hairdresser with a book full of happy clients. And that’s all I want; people who are happy with their hair.