New Colour

Do you often think about dabbling with colour? Maybe you’ve seen a friend with bright hair or you fancy trying a different “natural” shade. How do you go about it?

As hairdressers, we generally advise dipping your toes in first and then gradually working your way up as you get more confident. There’s nothing worse than diving in head first, hating it and thinking “what have I done?!” This is where we see clients who have developed a massive fear of colouring; it’s usually stemmed from diving in!

We suggest maybe trying a few highlights, then gradually adding more until we have established where you feel comfortable and confident.

If you are familiar with the hair colouring process, what happens when you decide to change?

Some people are naturally more confident than others, which is great, but please bare in mind that some colours are trickier to achieve. Your natural hair colour could be difficult to cover or your hair might be too porous to take the colour.

There’s nothing more crushing than a stylist telling a client that a colour just isn’t achievable. Be open to hearing what will and won’t work, as we have been trained to manage colours and recognise what’s going to be achievable.

Stylists will always try their hardest to work with you to ensure you’re happy with your hair. Our motto is “Be Realistic”. If it looks a little risky, chances are is probably is.

And please remember that if you’ve seen a colour online, the pictures are sometimes filtered which means the colour isn’t realistic.

It is disappointing to be told you can’t have the hair you want but we’re not the enemy. Sit down with your stylist and have a chat; you’ll probably end up with a colour you love even more than your original idea.