Pregnancy Hair?

Noooo, I mean hair in pregnancy. This is a tricky one as let’s face it, us women are all totally different. However, one thing we all have in common is hormones and hair drama’s during, after, or before pregnancy.

So as a rule, what generally happens is before you become pregnant, your hair does the usual 3 month cycle it has always done. Grows, rests then shreds. However, once you are pregnant, your hormones go crazy and make the resting phase last longer so you don’t shred as much hair as you “should” usually. So it’s brilliant whilst you are pregnant as you have this growing, thick luscious hair that usually gets shinier and just looks full of life. It may also become, drier, greasier, curlier, straighter and frizzier. We can’t control this, it’s purely our hormones.

This is all until you have your baby….

Between 2-6 months after having the baby is when your hair shreds the most. On average, a non-pregnant/postpartum adult will lose around 80 hairs per day. Being postpartum, you can lose around 400 hairs a day. This is all because your hair’s growth cycle is starting to kick back in, but it needs to shred the hairs that have been “resting” all this time. Hopefully your hair will return to normal from 6 months on-wards, and any extras you had i.e. the frizz, dry hair etc will have slowed down.

If you find it’s just too much and doesn’t seem right, seek some advice from a healthcare professional as it can be linked during and after pregnancy to your iron levels.