Professional Or Not?

This again is something that has everyone torn!

Do we buy our products from the super markets and every day shops or do we buy professional direct form the hairdresser?

Now as a hairdresser it is morally correct of me to say from the hairdresser. Grand but I need to tell you why. Don’t switch off as actually you may be surprised as to why.

Professional products are more expensive I 100% agree but there is a reason for this. Off the shelf (shops, super markets etc) shampoo’s and conditioners for example tend to have more water, sulphates and fillers. Less vitamins, minerals and oils protecting the hair. So the formulations from a litre of shop shampoo to a litre of professional grade would be quite different.

It turns into a false economy. You buy your shop shampoo and end up using more as its so diluted whereas buying the slightly more expensive professional grade will last longer meaning you don’t need to repurchase as quickly.

Professional products are created around your hair to do exactly what it says on the bottle. If it is colour protecting it has been formulated by professionals to ensure it genuinely helps protect the colour. A lot of shop bought shampoo’s strip colour and the amount of times as hairdressers we hear…”my colour just fades…” it is so frustrating when we know that if you invested in your shampoo you wouldn’t be permanently investing in your colour treatments.

To conclude the debate its more efficient, cheaper, less damaging to the environment and less damaging on your hair to purchase the professional grade shampoo to the shop brought.

So where do you buy your professional grade product?

carefully is the answer. I have seen many people thinking to order online via warehouse companies is the easiest and quickest route. It can be if you get the professional product. As like many things in the world they are not always 100% true and from the actual brand.

Speak to your hairdresser, or salon about what you are looking for and see if they can help you. Chances are they can get it for you, they may stock it or can definitely guide you on where to purchase it responsible and so you are guaranteed the right product.

So this is just one example of the difference between the two. Do your research if you can and ensure you get the product best suited for your hair.