Root touch up or full head colour?

Do you know whether you need a root touch up or a full head colour? Knowing the difference could save you time and money.

Let’s start with explaining the difference. A root touch up is literally colouring the roots only. The roots are the areas near the scalp where the colour of the hair changes back to the natural colour as the hair grows.

Full hear colour is when the whole head, scalp to tip, is coloured.

So why are they two different services?

The roots are the natural colour that need matching to the shade required. If that shade is generally staying the same as the natural colour, that’s the only area that needs to be touched. If you keep lapping over the existing colour, you can cause more and more damage which isn’t necessary. This is why we often colour the root and lap slightly to blend but nothing more.

A full head colour is what we do when the shade or tone of the colour is changing. We need to apply the colour to the whole head so it blends through and looks flawless. We’ll also need to do it when the colour brand changes or if the colour is fading and looks a little wishy washy.

Now that you know the difference, you’ll be able to book the right appointment for you hair without causing unnecessary damage and maybe even saving yourself some pennies in the process.