Salon or Mobile Hairdresser?

Wowza, this is a tricky one and I think we have all dabbled in both. I know I certainly have and I’m in the trade. I’ve seen both sides and I think there are pro’s and con’s for both. I think the answer is simple.

What works best for you?

So, I have worked in a few salons and I enjoyed each one. I am currently mobile but plan on being in a salon of my own in the near future. Why? For many reasons but mainly as I have big plans going forward and change is good!

Pros of a salon:

  • A little more luxury
  • Hair washed in a basin
  • No cleaning up

Pros of mobile:

  • More flexible
  • Great for when you don’t want to leave the house
  • Handy with little ones
  • More personal

These are just a few of the positives of each but let’s just bear in mind for a second, every hairdresser goes to college. We’re all trained the same way and through the years, our techniques and processes differ but the basics are the same. So whether we work in salon or in your home, I would like to think each and every one of us strive for perfection and a happy client at the end of any appointment.

So whether you’re leaning towards pro salon or pro mobile, the answer remains the same,

“What works best for you”.