The Flynn Wedding

There is nothing I love more than booking a bridal client, getting to the day itself and watching all the hard work and planning come together.
But the best part of my job is when I work with people who I instantly click with. I’m lucky enough to say this happens to me frequently; one of these times was when I met Mrs Flynn.

In April 2019, Mrs Flynn emailed me asking if I was free for the date of her wedding; 27th September 2019. I won’t lie, when I get a client asking me for a date within the same year, I get a bit panicky until I know the date is free. Amazingly, it was!

However, Mrs Flynn lives in North London so we weren’t able to get a consultation face to face until I saw her for her hair trial in the July. It wasn’t an issue at all, we were able to Facetime and email, discussing the details this way instead of in person.

We instantly got on really well and we quickly figured out the style she wanted and I secured it into place while we chatted away. It turns out both her and her husband-to-be are incredibly talented and have worked with a very famous man that me and Cohen were seeing the following month!

Let’s fast forward to September and the morning of the wedding. I travelled to The Bull Pen and was amazed at how delightful it was. I was super jealous that Mrs Flynn had been chilling for a few days prior to her wedding in this stunning little gem, with the most gorgeous Highland cows in the field just metres from the kitchen area.
I met the bridesmaids, including the younger sister of Mrs Flynn as well as a great makeup artist, Elena Manoli.

I loved doing one of the bridesmaid’s hair in particular as she has the most gorgeous Afro-Caribbean hair that was super tame. With my hands full of oily product, I secured her hair with a couple of bobbles and the job was done.
Her sister was a gem and was beyond pleased with her hair. This makes me feel all warm inside, knowing I’ve made someone happy by doing something which comes easily to me.

Then I had the task of doing the gorgeous bridal hair and what a pleasure that was. She had it loosely curled and secured with the addition of some stunning crystal slides. Nothing was an effort or a problem, they were my dream bridal party.

To top the morning off, I was so pleased that I could listen to a song that one of the bridesmaids and the groom had recorded especially for the big day. I was genuinely blown away with what I was hearing. I’m seriously watching that girl’s progress as I swear, I met a star in the making!

When the hair and makeup was complete, I took a couple of photos on my phone and then it’s time for me to leave. I don’t stay for the whole wedding. But the best part is still to come for me. Amazing brides will tag me in pictures and then send me some professional photos in a few weeks. I see a gorgeous lady, wearing a beautiful dress and a stunning smile, standing next to her new husband with her beautiful bridesmaids surrounding her on one of the most special days of her life. Everyone in the photo is literally radiating happiness and it makes me feel so humble that I was able to play a small part in adding to her big day.

After reading this blog post, I hope you all can see how much I love my job and how the smallest things make me feel all warm inside. It’s not about gestures of thanks (although I do love those too!) but all it takes is a friendly client and a photo sent my way once the wedding is over and I’m a very happy hairdresser!