Wedding day Questions and Answers

On the wedding day

What time will you arrive?

I will have agreed a time with you at the trial but I will have allowed time to fit everyone in and have time left over.

Do I need more then 1 stylist?

If we need more then 1 stylist you will be made aware of this when we do a consultation. It depends on our time allowance and number of clients that day.

Dry or wet hair?

100% dry hair only unless a client is having a blowdried style. 

When shall I wash it?

The evening before only if possible. If it is only possible the morning of then feel free however we strongly advise against this as the styles will not hold as well as they would with “used” hair. 

If you can we advise blowdrying with a small amount of mousse applied to the hair. 

Who should be there?

Ideally we need at least 1-3 of the bridal party already in the vicinity of the service happening. But it is very much a flowing service without breaks in between so people need to be ready once the previous person has been finished. 

What if there is traffic?

Ideally I usually leave with enough time to be early so don’t worry to much. If i am worried I will contact you and get there as quick as I can and in my eyes as long as the bride is done she is for most the important one. 

What if I arrive behind time?

Ideally we ask you try and stay on time but as above if there is an issue just let me know.

Who will you start with?

Generally a bridesmaid or additional guest. Do not worry to much about orders as we work that out on the day as their will be things going on all morning.


Ideally not. We will get everyone done however asking Florence to be done at 10am then Milly at 11am is not ideal. We are the professionals in our field and everyones hair will take a different amount of time. We will work in an order that suits and be flexible however we cannot afford to be waiting for the next client. On the flip side if you give us to little time we would hate to feel rushed.

Will you have enough time?

Absolutely. We work out on an average time basis how long each person will take and always have a buffer of time left over “just in case.” We frequently get request for Aunt Laura to have her hair done “if we have time.”

Do you come to where I need you?

Yes this will have been agreed on your consultation. Whether it is a prep address or the venue itself. We are used to moving up in between the wedding morning to however we do ask your are quick in transition.

Hair or Make-up first?

Hair and make-up work in sync. I have never met a make-up artist as yet who has been difficult to deal with thank goodness. More often then not make-up has already started so we work around each other taking it in turns to pick the next client.

Do you put the veil in?

This is an additional service. If you require me to stay for the final time until you leave there will be a charge for this service. This is based on the fact it is the very last thing to go on and means a lot of time for me waiting. If you require this service please ask. 

However generally a bridesmaid or mum will add the veil. It is usually a comb and just slots into the hairstyle with great ease. 

What about the accessory?

I will add the accessory into the hair unless it is not required until later in the day. 

When do you finish/leave 

I generally leave once I have completed all services quoted for. 

This is at least an hour before the ceremony so you have time to get your dress on and last minute photos. 

What happens next?

You go off and have a fabulous day 🙂

I love working a wedding day and I feel I see the best bits with everyone getting glam. 

However I miss the rest of the day, therefore I always like to catch up a few weeks after the wedding when everything has settled down. 

If you can send us any pictures of your day we really appreciate this. 

It helps our next lot of brides to see the work we do and who doesn’t love a REAL BRIDE compared to a photoshoot!

We hope this guide helps and answers your questions, if there is anything we haven’t covered just drop us a message.

Thankyou and enjoy your planning,