Wedding Hairdressing



Wedding Hairdressing

The Perfect Style For Your Big Day

Over 15 Years Experience

With over 15 years experience in the industry,  I have seen styles change. Regardless of the change, one thing always stays the same. Bridal hair is unique, glamorous and special.

No matter what your choosen style, it is probably very similar to other styles, as the key to bridal hair is the flow and the way the hair sits to compliment your whole look. It is so important to try a couple of different styles. Some styles require a more romatic look, while others may need a more structured style.

It is so important you feel special on your wedding day and the key to success is to ensure every item and detail within your style compliments everything else.

Regional 2017 Wedding Industry Awards

The Process

So we start with a mini consultation when you book your wedding. This is when I take a deposit we briefly chat about where the wedding is and where you are getting ready.

We go through how many (roughly) bridesmaids, flower girls, mothers and additional guests I will be working on. After this, I will quote you for your day based on the standard price guide, however, in some circumstances prices will alter. For example, a large bridal party will be discounted.

After a brief chat regarding hair, its always lovely to hear who i will be working alongside, such as makeup artists, photographers, and offer guidance on recommendations if your having trouble.

We will then schedule a trial date. This usually is 2-6 months before the wedding. If we do it too early, there’s a chance you will change your mind and up until then sometimes some details, like accessories, haven’t been purchased. Because of this,  wait until the style is almost finished.

On your trial, we will look at your chosen outfit and accessories, and look at styles you have collected and like for us to narrow down on what will work.

I can offer trials for other guests of the bridal party which is at the same price as the brides and dependant on what suits you, it can be done at the same time or an alternative date.

I’ll  then keep in contact up until the week of the wedding when you will hear from me a little more, as I double check and confirm all details we have discussed. Although I appreciate that this is a busy time for you and, I like to be clear and prepared for your big day.

I will arrive at the confirmed location where hopefully you’ll be super relaxed! On the day it all comes together yet goes too quickly. I have worked on so many weddings but yours is new and unique to me so I will carry out all the work agreed. I’ll be on hand with spares, scissors, grips and pins with the knack of dealing with the odd difficult guest or sticker on the shoe. I will stay and put a veil in place if required or help gather the few last bits. It’s your day and your way so whatever I can do to help I will.

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