What age to colour kids hair

What the right age to start colouring or chemically processing your hair?

This is a super tricky one and one that is more matter of opinion than fact.

Now, hair dye manufacturers say that colours are not intended for any being under the age of 16. This is due to the fact that the dyes contain so many chemicals that can cause severe allergic reactions.

Skin tests must always be done as standard.

When a colour is being done professionally, it is down to the salons discretion. Some salons will but some salons won’t. If they decide to do it, ensure the skin test is done. They will probably also ask for a parental consent form to be signed.


Now, temporary colours are a different subject as the colour only covers the hair shaft instead of penetrating it so it uses less chemicals and it’s not permanent. They are a lot calmer and gradually fade out. This is again up to the individual as to whether or not they will apply the colour. I personally don’t see much harm with these and I think that during the school holidays, these are perfectly acceptable. However it is matter of opinion.

Personally, I will happily apply any temporary colour to most ages as it’s so gentle and children grow up so quickly. I don’t believe a little flash of wash out colour hurts at all. Permanent colour is still a tricky subject. I will do some permanent colour techniques but only 14years and above ideally, and only with parental consent.

I think the trick with this one is to be sensible and consider all options first. Secondary school is where colour becomes “a thing.” If your child feels the need to follow the crowd, then fair enough but I always think be sensible. If you want colouring to happen, just add a few highlights. You don’t need anything massively dramatic as most schools these days are very strict on colouring anyway. You need something that’s low maintenance and nothing that shows the roots too quickly, which is why I think a few highlights is acceptable.

This is just a matter of opinion guys and this subject always makes a great conversation. Tell me your thoughts and opinions on this subject at our next appointment.