What to expect on your bridal hair trial

What to expect for your bridal trial.

How long does it take?

Generally we block out around 1hour-1.5 hours. 

We will chat about your contract, have a look at what you do and don’t like, then get started. 

How long should a style take?

Generally for me I say around 30-45mins per style as a rough guide. 

This depends on hair length, style and thickness though. 

Hair wet or dry?

Dry hair only please 

When shall I wash it?

The night before ideally. 

Then thoroughly dry and just leave it.

Shall I bring my veil?

If you would like to see what it will look like then great, however it is not essential at all.

Shall I bring my hair accessory?

Ideally yes, however we have some in stock to give you an idea if you are not quite sure yet.

What if I need extensions?

We can advise that prior to your trial usually. However once we trial if it is advised then don’t worry. you can have another trial but it may not be necessary. 

But my colour isn’t quite right…

Don’t worry. It is a trial not the day itself. trials just give you an idea on what the style will be like.

Is my hair the right length/ thickness?

We can help you after your trial. We will advise if you need a trim or a little weight taken out your hair or if we need to add padding. 

When shall I cut/colour it for the wedding?

At least 2-3 weeks before. Not the week before. I have seen hair colour drama’s on a wedding day. (not by me!)

How many styles shall we try out?

Generally if you are struggling with hairstyles we can get 2-4 styles done in a session. These are slightly less structured and no hairspray usually as the idea of a trial is to find out what you like and what works. 

Shall I bring mum or my bridesmaids?

If you want someone with you thats ok, the more the merrier.

Can all my bridesmaids have trial?

If you want them to but remember the price is per person. It really isn’t necessary though.

Do you use product?

Yes a little but not the same products we would use on the day. Purely because most people remove the style so others don’t see. This is a waste of expensive product so lighter products will be used.

Will my hair hold all day after a trial?

Again, because the bridal products are not used on the trial you may get a little drop. If you want it to stay all day and want to it to last you will need to pay a premium on the trial for this service.

How many trials do I need?

Generally I have only ever done 1 trial per person. If you are really unsure we can do 2 or more but I like to think that I can help you first time. I have a good track record 🙂

Shall I bring pictures?

Absolutely the more the merrier. Pictures of both what you DO and DON’T like so we can compare. 

Can you add volume if our hair is flat?

Don’t worry we are professionals in our field and even though you may struggle with volume we do this every day and have done for years. We can do it 🙂

My curls won’t hold….

We hear this time and time again. I understand you struggle to get curls to hold however as above we are professionals and wouldn’t get repeat business if our hairstyles didn’t hold or our curls just dropped out.

Do you need to see the dress?

If you have a picture then yes please as your hairstyle needs to work with the dress style. If you have lots of lovely top detail and then cover it all with your hair down what a shame that would be. So we can advise on a rough idea style for your hair to compliment the dress. 

A second trial with my dress?

You can if you wish but it will be the same charge. the best way to do it is to plan everything in a day. start with hair and makeup then go for a dress fitting. then you done need to repeat bookings and you see it all on the same day 🙂

How do i tell you what i do and don’t like with the hairstyle?

Just say it. I can usually tell if you are not to sure on something and will ask if your like each area or if anything can be changed so theres a great opportunity. However don’t worry about offending. It is your wedding day and it needs to be perfect so just say whatever is on your mind. We will get it right don’t worry. 

Can I add extra to my booking before the day?

Yes it will say on your contract you can just try and give at least 24hr notice just so we can ament the time if required.

Remember it is a trial, a practise run not the final piece. This can be altered, made tighter, tweaked etc it isn’t a problem.