When is the right time to “age gracefully?”

Age gracefully? I personally feel you are as old as you feel and it’s up to you what you do with your hair and when you choose to do it. I will admit that I have had the odd opinion about people’s hair in the past and it’s only based on my opinion on how the person looks.

We have all maybe not looked as great as we could, whether it be clothing, makeup, our style or our hair. If we feel happy though, who cares?

So hair is a funny one as it does have the power to make you look absolutely AMAZING or totally DRAB.
Any hairdresser should be able to advise on a style that suits your face shape, body shape, style, work status and general lifestyle. This is why sometimes I say I have seen someone who needs to let go of their luscious long locks as it has made their ageing face appear longer and hasn’t flattered them at all, whereas a shorter style would maybe add a little bounce, creating a softer appearance on the face. This is just a small example and colour definitely helps with this too.

Whilst ageing, I think it’s very hard to know what’s best, especially if you have had the same colour and cut for the past 10 years. Changing it up to a style more suited to your face and structure will seriously help and change is good. We should all have a colour change or style change every now and then.

Black or dark hair as you age can appear harsh while a medium brown and above will create a softer glow to your skin, looking more subtle and natural.
Long hair as you age can make you look drawn out. As you age, the hair thins slightly so longer, thinner hair doesn’t always look as heathy and can easily look tatty. A mid-length style provides you with hair you can still style and use but a little bounce to give a softer image.

White/blonde hair can wash out your skin. Be careful though, as a more natural, toned down version can look amazing and age you beautifully. It’s perfect for when you retire and go on as many holidays a year as you wish (this is my retiring dream, I’m thinking of myself here!)

If the thought of change is too scary, which I agree it sometimes is, go little and often. Each visit to a hairdresser take off an extra cm or inch, change your colour shade slightly or add the odd layer or fringe.

I promise, you will feel totally different. Just ask the hairdresser for an opinion or advice. It’s our job and we want you to feel like your best self. Express your concerns and we will do everything we can to make you feel amazing. It’s important to ask our opinions and work together to help you walk away beaming.