Who Am I?

Good question! How many people go to see their hairdresser and literally know nothing about them but you sit in the chair and divulge all your personal information?

It’s our job as a hairdresser to sit and listen but I’ve decided to tell you guys a bit about me too.

Some of you will know me, some won’t but it doesn’t mean you know everything. Here’s a little bit about my journey and, if you have any questions, make sure you ask me when you see me next!

I started hairdressing in 2003-2004. I started as a Saturday girl after asking for after school work experience at a small salon where I completed my apprenticeship, level 1 and 2 and where I started my level 3 at the age of 15-18 (ish). You just get on sometimes and do as you are asked, so when I was made redundant to make way for an apprentice I just didn’t know where to go. I found my new job very quickly in a larger more upmarket salon. I thrived, and quickly found my calling in bridal hair when I got chucked in the deep end with it. Literally, it was long, thick and difficult to work with but I got the job done. After a period of time I needed more, each year I found I was getting more and more ambitious and loved it!

I headed into another salon which was where I found I could sell anything! My nan always says I could sell fresh air given the chance. We had targets and we had to hit them to get commission. I was given responsibility and couldn’t get enough of work.

Until, I went to work one day to find the salon (global) had gone into liquidation and my job that I loved was no more. It really hurt and I wobbled but after falling pregnant with my eldest son it worked out well. The clients who had followed me through the years wanted me to go to them.

After a couple of years doing my own thing and the odd mobile client, I was asked to work in my most challenging role yet. Prison. Say no more, again I loved the challenge. I loved working with the variety of people and the social interaction was what I missed the most when I was on my own. Then I met my now husband and my youngest came along!

Having 2 children and realising I would be a school run mum hit home. Could I work in a salon which required weekends work while I had my boys? Could I risk not seeing school plays, sports days etc because I had clients and an employer to ask for time off? No, it just wouldn’t work. So the clients I started with gradually built up and with no marketing or social media skills, it soon snowballed and my client list grew.

This was becoming a business so I needed to crack on!

In early 2014 I became mobile and had no idea where I wanted to take it. Now in 2019, I know I have so much more I need to do, with the ambition to take over the world!