Why book in advance?

I never know when i want my hair doing…
I just decided today…
I fancy a change…
Can you squeeze me in now?…..
Its pay day today….

I’ve heard it all trust me and as much as i love a spare of the moment extravagance it isn’t always possible.
People book their appointments weeks in advance sometimes to ensure we get them in like clockwork. leaving each week already booked with some appointments leaving the remainder available but if that week is booked for example already and you need that last minute colour appointment we need to pop you in the week after leaving that week more booked. its a viscous circle the earlier you book the better chance you have of securing that space. Spare of the moment is grand but unfortunately doesn’t always work. now and then it will but don’t assume because it happened once it will happen again.

same time every year 25th December. I personally get booking for December from October usually. from the mid November right through i will be flat out. Squeezing people in is sometimes possible but also deeply frustrating when you know its the same time each year. why do you wait until the 20th to get booked in? Its generally then a no form me and every other hairdresser in the area.
PLEASE book your apps in advance for that special meeting. date, occasion, holiday and Christmas.

Save me from saying no and you from being disappointed.

Due to COVID-19 we are currently closed. But don’t worry, as soon as we can we'll get you booked in.
Drop us an email to be on the waitlist - charliedarlow@hotmail.co.uk.